/Bikini’s in the 1980’s
Bikini's in the 1980s

Bikini’s in the 1980’s

Bikini fashion in the 1980s was characterized by high-cut bikini bottoms that sat way up on the hip, elongating the leg and cutting fine into the bikini line. Some featured a small strap connecting the front and back while others had a fuller waistband. The first big bikini trend of the 1980s was that it was the decade of the halter top. This is a style which works for most women and is a good choice for many occasions. It’s also one of the most popular bikini styles around. This decade saw the rise of many different types of halter tops.

The 1980s swimsuits can be termed the most athletically inclined in history. Fashion experiments of the 1980s had introduced a set of mind-blowing styles that still inspire present-day bathing suits. V-hips, bright colors, scoop necks, and high cuts were some of the most popular swimsuits trends of the 1980s.