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Live video transmissions over the internet have come a long way, since the internet became a mainstream medium. If you are old enough, you might remember a system called CU-SeeMe from the 1990’s. With this you could connect so so-called Reflectors, which had different rooms for different discussions. Naturally, the ones with adult content were always the most popular. The first webcam that most people were using was the Quickcam from Connectix (before they were bought by Logitech), which was a grey ball on top of a cut-off pyramid stand, which you could place on the edge of your bulky CRT monitor. It only had a 320×240 resolution and could only make greyscale images at 15 frames per second. Still, this was enough for live videoporn to take off.

Over the years, streaming video over the internet got better. When YouTube started out, they mostly had low resolution video’s with way too much compression to be any good. Back then DVD’s already showed what could be done with digital video, but the online bandwidth just wasn’t there yet. When bandwidth improved and compression technology did the same, HD video became available, not just for video hosting platforms, but also for livestreaming websites.

While YouTube now offers 4K and increasingly more 8K video, most Adult livestream services like the video’s above offer 720p or Full HD video. Most performers work from home, with low or at least asymmetric connections, which means upload speeds aren’t as high as downloads. Still, if your internet speed is up to it, and your screen is large enough, you can enjoy several performers at once, by opening multiple browser windows.
We are living in great times.